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Shin says that since Reaper’s been outed, he may as well grab Sunny’s hand again to see if he can see Shin in her past life.Reaper protests that seeing a past life is mentally taxing, like somebody’s shoving their way into your mind.Granny asks why Deok-hwa brought Wang Yeo (the king) to Shin: “How can you make the man who got stabbed by the sword meet the man who stabbed him with it?

He starts to say that Sun’s beauty was overwhelming, but Shin levels a glare and warns that this is his sister he’s talking about.

Reaper does recall seeing the young king, and Shin grumbles that she was thinking of him in her last moments, with no thought for her brother.

Eun-tak heads to Reaper’s door clutching her notebook, but when seeing him with Shin, she hurries away.

Shin, however, summons her notebook and flips through it, finding the hanja letter she’d copied. He says it’s not a love letter, which she doesn’t believe, having gotten the translation from Deok-hwa.

, this episode won’t change your opinion—but it may if you’ve been someone who’s felt hot and cold about the show depending on the story focus, in which I suspect this’ll be a good episode for you (us).

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