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This process will be referred to as non-ideal deposition.This paper reviews evidence from literature data, discusses the basic processes involved, and establishes the mathematical basis to incorporate non-ideal deposition into one-phase radiometric dating models, as depth-distributed local sources.It is currently possible to date igneous and metamorphic rocks by a variety of radiometric methods to within a million years, but establishing the depositional age of sedimentary rocks has remained exceedingly difficult.

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Radiometric dating determines how long ago the liquid rock solidified into solid rock.

Sedimentary rock on the other hand consists of sedimentary particles which were removed and deposited somewhere else by some sort of fluid (generally wind and water).

In addition, it has an exceptional ability to remain closed to element mobility during later thermal events, and commonly yields concordant and precise dates.

QUESTION: Can we date sedimentary rocks using radiometric dating techniques?

In addition, the redeposition process upsets the conditions necessary to achieve accurate results through radiometric dating.

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