romeo miller who is he dating - Quotes about a friend dating your ex boyfriend

all you need to do, is just to keep going out with him but don't Zap. Are you that insecure that you can't be by yourself even for a month?

Anyway dont do it tell that fool to go awayfresh_dude: I don't which is more pathetic - tthe fact that you will be degraded or your stupidity.

[/size] In conclusion, dupe lowo ori e, the fact that you're on here means that the stars are aligned in your favour.

A word is enuff, however, if your lust for his friend is overwhelming by all means straff away. Just have it @ d back of ur mind dat if u carry out ur plan u will be an object of mockery, discussion material and a sex tool. Afterall ur ex's bestfnd blivs dat wat is good for goose is gud for him too The best friend is one sneaky bastard!!!!

How do you think he would feel if you both are hving problems and another friend mediates? Woman, there is a thin line btw what women are considered respectable and those tht they consider slutty. Good luckdeniyor: The best friend is one sneaky bastard!!!!

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