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Authorities in Western Australia are searching for a quokka that escaped from an island on a garbage barge.

The small marsupial, which are native to Western Australia and known for happily participating in selfies, was spotted in a blurry photo at a recycling center in Perth after being mistaken for a "large rat," according to Rottnest Island Authority.

Quokkas have been used in medical research on muscular dystrophy as they suffer from the same disease.

A marsupial the size of a hare or domestic cat, the quokka is the sole representative of the genus Setonix.

Well, you wouldn't, fair reader, because you are a kind and well-adjusted soul who knows when something is too pure for this world, and you are also not a piece of human shaped garbage. Pre-warning that the clip below is pretty upsetting.

This isn't the first time terrible excuses for humans have tried to harm or fuck with these little creatures.

Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park and WA’s Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley came joint second.

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