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online, then you are going to be way ahead of the game. Since I'm feeding from this tree of knowledge as well as that one, it's only fair I spread what fertilizer I have to offer. ___________________________________ Long time reader, first time caller.Jambone, Robusto and I recently finished our online dating book. I prefer low calorie yoghurt (-1) Qu.3 – People usually describe you as: a.

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Then wait longer ( 2) If you’re already on five points, drop me a line. Two soulmates connecting like stars in the heavens.

Take the opportunity to retouch your makeup and hair. If you’re still struggling then don’t give up – there’s a few more chances left. Qu.5 – You like your man to communicate to you primarily with: (1 point each) a. Carefully selected from your library of cook books and from original ingredients ( 2) c. Contains mushrooms or red peppers (-10) Okay, we’re nearly done. An expensive cool gadget so you can get me excited and trick me into your bed ( 2 for creativity) Qu.8 – When we have sex you prefer it to involve (1 point for all that apply) a. As the waves lap our feet and the sun slowly sets, we laugh and cavort.

Some PUAs dislike the idea of online game, as it discourages what is real: face to face cold approaches in the field.

Ultimately, this is how many m PUAs became masters.

Online game works because it leverages time and distance, and allows the artist to promote himself to many people at once.

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