Psychology of married women dating men Free chat cam no registration

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"The bottom line, though, is that your man cheated, and no matter what a piece of garbage the other woman is or what a moron she is, you still have to deal with the fact that you have a cheater on your hands."Fortunately, I came across another article, "Why Women Cheat: A Married Man Goes Undercover On Ashley Madison" by Charles J. As noted, Charles goes undercover on the "we're married, but let's have an affair" website known as Ashley Madison to discover what women are really seeking in the online affair game.

His findings will parallel many of the points I will explain to better understand why the other woman slept with your man.1.

I was shocked to see a list of such amateurish quality, as it had no depth to explain our human nature.

Nor did it place responsibility on the male partner, with the exception of one sentence indicating his role.

Your man is the number one reason why the other woman slept with him. The other women is actually not the issue because if it wasn't her, it likely would have been someone else.

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