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Later Dutch gables with flowing curves became absorbed into Baroque architecture.Examples of Dutch-gabled buildings can be found in historic cities across Europe such as Potsdam (Dutch Quarter), Friedrichstadt, Gdańsk and Gothenburg.

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Dutch Renaissance gabled façade of the House of Blackheads (Riga's Old Town).

The original building was erected during the first third of the 14th century for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild for unmarried German merchants in Riga.

The mosque was built (1879) in Dutch East Indies architectural style with the combination of occidental and oriental features.

The mosque's stepped gables (trapgevel in Dutch) are reminiscent of Dutch Renaissance architectural style.

In the Americas and Northern Europe, the West End Collegiate Church (New York City, 1892), the Chicago Varnish Company Building (Chicago, 1895), Pont Street Dutch-style buildings (London, 1800s), Helsingør Station (Helsingør, 1891), and Gdańsk University of Technology's Main Building (Gdańsk, 1904) are typical examples of the Dutch Renaissance Revival (Neo-Renaissance) architecture in the late 19th century.

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