Paris hilton dating

"I'm so busy with my work that when I do get time at home, I don't have time to watch reality TV.

Thomas sold Running Ball, a company that provides live scores from soccer matches and other sports data, for a reported $150 million in 2012.

Paris clearly isn’t dating Thomas for his money, though it doesn’t hurt that they’re on even ground.

Hilton and 18-year-old Richie were spotted out hand-in-hand on Wednesday night and were bombarded by questions from paparazzi about whether the teen is involved with Maguire, 41, who announced he was splitting from his wife arlier this week.

"Literally stop asking her that because it's a bulls--t rumor," Paris told TMZ.

Barrett, 54, and his more recent partner Allison Cale, 45, who hail from Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, were sentenced to eight years' prison by Southport District Court late in 2013 after they found guilty of eight-drug related offences, including trafficking in dangerous drugs.

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