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: An extreme antisocial phenomenon in Japan (though it has parallels in other postindustrial countries) which involves individuals completely withdrawing from work, school, family, and society in general and holing up in their rooms, often spending all their time playing games, reading manga, watching anime, and/or surfing the Web.It has recently appeared in several anime and manga, among them Hepburn system: A commonly-used method for transliterating Japanese writing into English.

Tends to emphasize everyday experiences and realistic (rather than idealistic) romance.

It is also sometimes used within anime and manga to refer to a sexual preference for older women. Divided into two types: hiragana, which is used to modify kanji and write Japanese and Chinese-borrowed words phonetically, and katakana, which is most commonly used to write words and names borrowed from languages other than Chinese but can also be used for particular emphasis (roughly equivalent to putting a word in italics or bold print in English).

An erotic adults-only version of a dating sim where the focus is on having sex with one or more potential candidates.

These games usually feature very explicit visuals and can explore very dark themes.

Honorifics have traditionally either disappeared or been replaced by English equivalents during professional translations, but lately their partial or complete retention in both subtitling and English dubs has become more common. Import items are from the Japanese release, and hence are usually not translated. Those interested in obtaining import DVDs should be aware that these are usually Region 2 DVDs, which means they may not play correctly (or at all) on DVD players purchased in North America.

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