Notary florida back dating

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Everyone has a family that we love and we work hard to support our families as well as those whom we are hired to serve. The general consensus is that you are taking excessive legal and administrative risks by backdating documents. You can look up a particular word, phrase, name of a company, and see a potentially large list of search results with which you can obtain data. If you want to find popular posts, you can use the number of views filter.

This is an all-to-common practice that should be avoided. You can also see whats new with the active topics link.

When you sign the notary certificate (whether it is a jurat or an acknowledgment) you as the notary are placing your official word upon the truth of the statements made in that certificate.

So, the way my attorney explained it to me, on any notarized document, you just have to make sure that whatever the certificate says is true.

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