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"It's really cool, and I just hope he wins it because he's worked so hard," the 19-year-old said.

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He did admit he is doing anything natural to try to expedite the recovery process as he continued: 'I'm trying be patient while doing everything I can to expedite the process.

I'm still doing physiotherapy and taking herbs and using topical creams.

"No matter how far we got," explained Nastia, "it was going to be a challenge with schoolwork and flying from coast to coast. But I think that kind of made us want to do it because it was a challenge and it was different, and it wasn't going to be easy. Still, Derek wanted to make clear that this season really was a last-minute decision, and it had everything to do with wanting to be a part of the 10th anniversary. "I think I'm contracted for one more season legally. I have some ideas that I want to do on the show, but not necessarily as a pro." Ah, that Derek...still finding a way to tease us!

We realized we're both very similar when it comes to our careers, and we really wanted to take on this challenge.", and whether Derek will return for that. with a special evening featuring several of the judges, former pros, celebs, and more special guests.

After the show, the two talked to winner didn't deserve to go home, but Nastia didn't connect with the TV audience the same way that Rumer or Noah did.

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