Musiq soulchild dating meelah

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” and her break up with Ne-soul singer Musiq Soulchild.

Meelah is nothing if not an open book and when it came to talking about 702, she explained to us just how “ignant” things got towards the group’s end, which is why she has no intention of getting back to together with the ladies, but is instead focusing on a solo career.

I didn’t want to bring him on because its hella confusing because we’re not married, but we do live together.

It’s very confusing.”In addition to the “confusing” nature of their relationship, Meelah says Musiq isn’t exactly a fan of reality TV, but adds that he agreed to appear on the show to share the story of their autistic son.“He’s definitely anti reality, but he’s my number one supporter and he gets that I want to get back out there,” Meelah explained.

Couple is enjoying each other’s company and has no information about their marriage or of engagement.

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