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To say it shook us to our core would be a heck of an understatement. Gonna spend the evening hanging out with my 2 kids, holding them tight, and being thankful for the "simple" things I have going on these days. I'm spending my night with the AXS TV channel... Decided to take her out and give her a nice cleaning for Valentine's Day mañana. Thank God that Noah had his headphones on with his i Pad so, he was oblivious to the situation.

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In 2012, they regrouped for a performance at the Stagecoach Festival in California and, bolstered by the opportunity to release new music, made it a permanent reunion. The band's relationship with Reynolds, however, couldn't quite get back off the ground.

Malo says it was often difficult for the bass player — who was now strumming a low-in-the-mix acoustic guitar onstage — to make shows.

"It's a step up from methadone, and an apparently more accepted one," says Deakin, who was cautiously optimistic by the results he saw in his friend.

"He had two months when he was on Suboxone when I could see the light in his eye." Unfortunately, it didn't last.

Hadn't seen my "main squeeze" in a few months. Yup, a lil Starburst goes a loooong way in this house. PLUS, as Cassie was driving us to San Antonio yesterday, we happened to see a bad motorcycle accident unfold in front of us on the highway.

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