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Major Osborne, timed by his rear-seat passenger, took his Mk. G.s, white positioning lines painted on their wings, went very well. Wakefield's handling of his Austin A90 would have been outstanding and was very good in spite of a tussle to get reverse gear. Clarkson's Morgan displayed great acceleration but reversed up a kerb, Roberts' Zephyr was fast, but juddered and spun, D. Taylor, smoking a cigarette, found his XK120 Jaguar a handful but was fast, and then Ken Rawlings in "Buttercup" (entered officially as a Standard Vanguard ! Walker, in a Healey, was quiet and neat, Stanforth the same in a Series E Morris Minor, Fisher lit the fireworks with a new Standard Eight, Freeman (M. Holmes (Sunbeam-Talbot) correctly and fast, as did Pell (Jaguar XK120), who then lost time discussing his next move with his passenger. V) went straight up without trying, Dennis Dent crunched his Jaguar's gears and ran back, but Shand did a very excellent run in his Jaguar XK120, although hesitating momentarily on the restart. VII Jaguar saloon through in impeccable fashion, and Juckes' XK120 Jaguar was handled exceedingly well in a determided manner after initial wheel-spin. was fast, reverse being crashed in, but it nearly touched the pylon - which, amazingly, survived to the bitter end ! West in an old Jaguar saloon took it slowly to an ominous clonking from the transmission, waving to indicate that he dare not use any power. Pay handled his Austin Sheerline well, losing time after reversing however, white-overalled Vivian (Jaguar Mk. Nasty noises followed the jumping out of cog of Morley's Austin A90, Cliff Davis, disguised in a hat was exceptionally good, if brutal to the cogs, in a new A. Ace, Todd punished his Sumbeam-Talbot similarly after reversing, and so did Perring (Sunbeam-Talbot) on a wild, fast run. Morris Minor) slow, lacking power, but very polished, and excellent runs were put up by Trigg (Hillman Minx), Gordon (Jupiter), Masefield-Baker (Jowett), Hughes (Hillman Minx), Hughesman (Sunbeam-Talbot), Defty (Bristol), Mainwaring (Sunbeam-Talbot), Barnsfield (Sunbeam-Talbot), Watkins (Sunbeam Talbot), Miss Neil (Morgan Plus Four) and Miss Walker (Sunbeam-Talbot). VI Bentley made a very dubious restart, Mather took the wrong course, and Mc Grady (s.v. Gill (Hillman Minx) came out the wrong way from the side street, Williamson's Riley was good, Renwick crunched the cogs of his Hillman, and Walsh (Javelin) even more so, although he was fast. Taylor was leisurely in restarting his Jowett Javelin, Mrs.

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A good point was that the cars were divided into Production, Modified Production, and Specials Classes, with additional capacity and open and closed divisions, 18 in all. In the teeming rain and gale it was impossible to take notes and the Editorial memory is ageing too rapidly to memorise safely the individual performances of 450 drivers, apart from which, while they were mostly snugly ensconced, we, like the marshals, were drenched nearly to the skin. Gibson (Hillman Minx) was apt to be too hurried, crashing the cogs, and Rayner's Austin A40 Sports, hood up, did a steady run.

A Concours d'Elegance and ball occupied the Saturday following the Rally. Prudence therefore suggested a fast run home, along the excellent roads back to Gloucester and beyond, blotted only by the exceptionally un-level level-crossing at Leominster. Lord, in a Triumph Mayflower, had exactly the right idea, J. Smith in a Jupiter, hood up, made a lot of noise and spin, while Tew's Jupiter also gave evidence of being too light at the back. Johnson got away slowly and rolled through in his Ford Consul.

Taylor's Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire and Boyle's Mk. V Jaguar both started slowly up the gradient but were steady performers. Johnson (Allard) looked worried in swinging into the side road between pylon and lamp-post but did it satisfactorily, Tyldesley was only fair, crunching in his Austin's cogs, and Hartley's Jaguar was slow in climbing and restarting. Morris Minor tricky to get started and his very good effort was spoilt by excessive wheel-spin. Morris Minor was in much the same difficulty and went the wrong way into the bargain. Lucas (Jaguar) was extremely neat, Done (Standard Eight) outstanding although rolling back, and Miss Bratt in a muddy Mk. Brinkman almost reversed into the wall in her Austin A90, restarting badly.

Milton (Riley) didn't hurry, Sayers (Hillman) ran back on the hill and made a very poor get-away, Lt.-Col. II) could have driven more neatly, Holland (Sunbeam-Talbot) flexed a front tyre as he locked over while reversing, Lanz (Sunbeam-Talbot) emulated him, Richards (Sunbeam-Talbot) monnted the kerb, Griffith (Sunbeam-Talbot 90 Mk.

In this test Maunder's old Hudson Terraplane surprised us by the power of its anchors, Milner's Sunbeam-Talbot slid on locked, smoking tyres, a new Standard Eight found stopping difficult and Fox (Allard) was another who seemed to possess poor brakes.

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