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In his book, , Paul Gilbert recalls the shock that the Dalai Lama first experienced in how Westerners plagued themselves with self-dissatisfaction, self-loathing and self-criticism.“For all our technology and comforts,” Gilbert writes, “he found us a people in conflict with ourselves.”Validating and supporting yourself is a critical element to increasing your self-confidence.

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Sometimes, negative emotions come up for us when we sit with them, such as in meditation, journaling, therapy, private time or other contemplative practices.

The truth is there—we’re just not always listening to it.

On the job, there are guys that regularly undermine their own chances of success because of potently low self-confidence levels, so they end up dragging along and being miserable in jobs they hate.

On the surface, it all looks great: confidence abounds and others notice it. The reality is that many men are not self-confident inside of themselves, and are busy upholding that facade to friends, coworkers or their wife or girlfriend.

Try challenging the messages you are exposed to, because they’re probably not going to give you the self-confidence you’re looking for.

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