Melissa etheridge dating Sexchatten

Etheridge sang at the 49-year-old actor's 2000 nuptials to Jennifer Aniston, but admitted to the mag that she hadn't " spoken to him ...since he 'married' Angelina." "But we were very close before that," she said. I have reached out." She revealed that she has since lost touch with Aniston as well. We all kinda got our own families and went our own way," she explained.

And the pair want to collaborate on a musical play that Linda is developing., print edition] We haven’t heard much lately about Melissa and Tammy’s court battle for custody and support.

It looks like Melissa has moved on while she’s left the mother of her children high and dry.

Etheridge began dating Wallem, a co-creator of Showtime’s , in 2010.

The couple announced their engagement last June, after the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act.

Controversy arose between the two stars when Etheridge made a comment regarding Pitt's longtime girlfriend an now fiancé Angelina Jolie's choice to undergo a double mastectomy.

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