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What these works also show is how central the space program made and found itself during the 20th century.

Most guys want pick up lines to attract women, but they only work for a limited amount of time, the best thing to do is go through one or two PUA products that match your style and devour them, practice what they are teaching and don’t stop until you get the results you want.

Check out the best PUA reviews to see what products are getting decent feedback and make a choice based on that.

The Elixir of Eros on the other hand is the most intelligent and well thought out guide to success with women that I’ve ever seen.

Unlike other guides that can help you get a phone number or something like that – this guide shows you how to become irresistible to women, so they will actually pursue you and become addicted to being with you.

This site is be a complete guide to seduction, pickup and getting laid. It’s up to you to take this material and that from other sources, and see how it fits in your mind and in your life.

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