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Delinquencies and/or misuse may result in the cancellation of the travel card and/or other corrective action, up to and including termination.Any interest and/or late fees incurred for delinquent payments are your responsibility and, therefore, are non-reimbursable.Travel Insurance 8.1 Business Travel Insurance8.2 Rental Vehicle Insurance8.3 Private Vehicle Insurance 9. These requirements apply to all types of official Berkeley Lab travel and complies with the regulations and guidelines of the DOE as required by Contract 31 and the FAR.

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Foreign Visitor Payment Restrictions - Payments to foreign visitors, including advances and reimbursements, may be restricted by the visitor's visa status or other requirements established by the U. For documentation information, Travel of Interviewee and Spouse - Travel expenses associated with interviewing prospective employees are reimbursable.

Reimbursement is made for actual transportation, lodging, and M&IE for the interviewee.

Note: For conference travel it is very important to note that no commitments may be made or money spent - until a definitive approval or denial is provided by DOE, or a determination is made by DOE that approval is not required. An advance must be returned to the Travel Office immediately if an authorized trip is canceled or indefinitely postponed.

Under certain conditions, travel advances may be considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service.

Subcontractors and Consultants – When travel is covered by a subcontractor or consultant agreement, and Berkeley Lab is making the reimbursement, the traveler must comply with this policy as well as any specific travel terms listed in the contract/agreement.

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