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Nick came in and he said “Mom, let’s just go to the beach…” So we were walking down the beach, Nick and his friend.As we were walking back I saw this tall hot-looking tan blonde guy.Here’s a clip from Couples Therapy where Linda confronts Charlie about using Facebook.

The charge of violence has been denied by Hulk saying that it was impossible he had violent because throughout their twenty three year old marriage, she had never once complained of any violence nor mentioned it at the time of their divorce.

According to Hulk, he had regarded their marriage as going the long route, and was taken aback when Linda asked for divorce and just came out flatly to state that she wanted an out and didn’t love him anymore.

It turned out that Charlie Hill, with whom Linda has been in a relationship for four years, was one year above Nick in high school and one year below Linda’s other child, Brooke.

When Linda first met Charlie he tried to tell her he was 23, but he quickly admitted that he was just 19.

WWE superstar Hulk Hogan might have powered his way through his many wrestling battles and won them, but the same can’t be said for his marriage with Linda Hogan!

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