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An easy way to do this is to add an underscore to the beginning or end of their Admin name.

While we wont stop you from enforcing your Leagues rules when it comes to premium members, we also wont allow a premium members account to be detained on a League from which they wish to withdraw or to be locked up in your penalty box for an unreasonable period of time.

Sharing agreements should cover such items as when each League will host tournaments, how many lines of text will be allowed in advertisements for the League and tourneys, whether or not you will be advertising on each others behalf, will one League be in the lobby and one at a table or will the lobby be shared, etc.

Once your League has reached over 20 members you will have the option to turn on Revenue Sharing and receive 10 percent of the monies earned for premium memberships that are purchased through your League.

If your League is operating at the Pogo gaming site and you wish to obtain Host Names for your Tournament Directors, use your Get Support link and we will send you a copy of the instructions provided by the Pogo gaming site.

The fact that they were kicked from the League, including the reason you entered will then appear in your Leagues Daily News.

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