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During one Cinzano TV advert in the Seventies, Rising Damp star Leonard Rossiter memorably pushed the recline button on her airline seat, causing her to spill her drink all over herself.

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“New Zealand has already started the conversation with the United Kingdom over trade deals, and New Zealand First believes this should be a priority.

Once the UK exits the European Union, a trade deal between New Zealand and the UK should be ready to go immediately." Mr Tabateu was referring to a recent non-binding opinion issued by the European Court of Justice following a deal between the EU and Singapore.

He said: "Any deal with New Zealand would not only have to negotiate the current triple-lock of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and European Parliament, but negotiations will also have to include 27 national parliaments, and at least five regional and linguistic parliaments in Belgium and at least five upper chambers.

“Given the all-powerful European farmer lobby likes New Zealand like a hole in the back of the head, our deal with EU isn’t going to go very far, very fast.

Hoxton's Geffrye Museum cleverly uses the gardens as an extension of the exhibits.

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