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The project was overseen by Brad Greenspan (e Universe's Founder, Chairman, CEO), who managed Chris De Wolfe (My Space's starting CEO), Josh Berman, Tom Anderson (My Space's starting president), and a team of programmers and resources provided by e Universe. The company held contests to see who could sign up the most users.

and move it to the head of the pack of social networking websites.

Like David Lightman in War Games (played by Mathew Broderick), Anderson was able to hack into computer systems by simply figuring out the right phone number (this was called “war dialing” and was done with the help of a simple computer program that dialed sequential phone numbers until it received a modem response, signaling a computer system on the other end, usually a UNIX mainframe that often had a default password or no password at all).

Once you were past the password security, you often had deep access to whatever system you had called.

Landreth was living with Anderson’s family and disappeared in September 1986 after leaving a suicide note.

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