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Later, Dell came with the two kids and the folks left.

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I can see how she related to the story, being (like Peggy Ann Garner's character) an older sister to a young brother, a similar, big city neighborhood, the piano, and a dad who had a couple of rough edges but loved his children very much.

LATEST RUMOR ON JAP PEACE: WITHIN 10 DAYS: Japanese peace feelers have set off rumors that if there is a peaceful end to hostilities in the Pacific it will come in the next 10 days.

Sis and Sunny went to Riverview; I wanted to go too.

Dot and I slept in a full-size bed and that's all we had in there for sleeping. I don't think Sunny would sleep on a couch, all by her lonesome downstairs. Boys Express Their Opinion About Smoking: Here is some inside information from high school Joes: dating characters who know what they do and do not like, which may make the gals pick up their smoke rings and take notice.

Lee De Forest, inventor of the audion tube which makes modern radio broadcasting possible, declared that this generation will see atomic power so developed that it will propel ships and trains, and possibly even automobiles.

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