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Grumble: rules are stated rather than explained and the questions I had prior to reading are still ... Six more chapters immerse you into schema design issues.

They lead through all phases of schema design, from abstract data modeling with UML to specificity of writing schemas for document-centric and data-centric XML instances.

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This book gives you that and another 10% to develop an XSLT based site.

The coverage of using XSLT to render XHTML documents, Text documents, SVG Objects and PDF documents is just enough to leave you wanting more.

Few weeks ago, I posted a message demanding help in choosing a DTD in XML for doing a program which has to validate an XML written according to this DTD. It is Recipe ML, a language that lets you write recipes in XML.

Reviewed by Margarita Isayeva, September 2001 (9 of 10) Probably twice as much about XML Schemas, than you ever hoped to know :) The first six chapters provide a detailed tutorial.

A complete case study of an existing site makes the examples really come to life.

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