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And we should believe all these because your friend works in the I. Shame to the poster,if you watch the video properly you will see that all the questions shes been asking him he never answer them but make silly example with other countries,saying nigeria has 150 million people and the recources is not enough,also she ask him about curruption and he was saying not nigeria alone has it but other western countries.until when nigerians will wake up from dreaming and destroy the pdp party,and form a new one that can lead us well by electing our choice leader,anything that comes from pdp is evil,so how can evil give birth to a saint,you solve the math dude.

And he couldn't answer a simple question on what he stood for That is were Oga failed woefully.

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Isha sesay dating

Elba, best known for his role in US television series “The Wire“, was last year named as one of the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which hands out the Oscars. Can Lead, said Elba was a “good sport” for being involved, and that the response to the campaign had so far been overwhelming.“Idris and I were messaging earlier on and I said, ‘I think we may have a female stampede on our hands,’” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a telephone interview.“He said, ‘As long as we raise money.’ He’s completely committed.

No-one else around, just us,” Elba said while sipping champagne in a video posted on website Omaze, which raises money for charities through celebrity experiences. Proceeds from the auction will help finance the charity’s aim of offering mentorship, educational support and leadership skills to teenaged girls in Sierra Leone.

I don't like Obj, but this girl will not have the balls to address him or Wole soyinka this way. The thing is nigerian sometime dont know some of the things they say is pingin. The constitution allows Jonathan to stay in power till 2019.

She only got piss off because Jonathan was not answering the question. I am not blaming Jonathan, but he need to watch what he is saying. The solution: You see Jonathan has to wait like 1 or 2 minute and think about the answer before he answer people. Which would mean the north would have not been in power since 1999 to 2019 but for just 2 years.

I dont think so mate, sorry to have to burst your bubble I have a Friend, that works at the BBC and he gives me to low down about that place and the news media industry since he is in the I.

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