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"You know what the Muslims do to gays." John Phillips, a gay conservative radio host in attendance at the dinner at El Coyote, says even his liberal gay friends adore Coulter.

A few years ago, Coulter came to his birthday party at his apartment, and his liberal gay friends rushed to her like hyenas running to a dead gazelle.

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Step one, she said, is “tell black people that Republicans hate them for 100 years.

Actually only since, I guess, the Democrats finally started to come on around the mid ’60s.

The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.

She has chosen El Coyote, specifically, because she fears the town's Mexican restaurants will ban her once they hear the premise of the book: It's a manifesto arguing that Mexicans, Somalis, and Latin American and Middle Eastern immigrants are importing "peasant cultures" into the US. " Since the '90s, Coulter has hung out with hordes of homosexuals.

Camille Paglia's interview, in which she claims Hillary Clinton is "a fraud," sent shockwaves through certain sections of the internet, Christina H.

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