Intimate dating personals

If all a woman wants is a workout buddy, she is going to join a gym, not look for one on POF.

That doesn't mean that the women here dislike biking or working out, It just means that they are looking for more than that.

Most women don't want to hear from men who only want to hook up (intimate encounter) because most men looking for IE's are married creepers who only want some action on the side or are players who want to nail as many women as they can in a week. so I'm not looking for IE myself but I noticed that while searching who was online I saw a profile that said interested in IE, but their entire profile said blah blah blah blah so just in interest I sent a message asking how in the hell would you expect anyone to even message you for just email if you have no profile pic or any information at all about themselves.

Most of these IE men come on to us like they were just released from five years in solitary confinement, use the most crude language possible, and physically look like they couldn't get a woman if they paid off her mortgage, and her monthly mani/pedi's until she died. If I wanted to just get laid, I could ask almost any man on the street. In saying that I hope this site is not preventing my messages to get to some because of this one message, it was mainly to say WTF is up with your profile?

Why is that, when most of the men here would probably see an intimate encounter as pretty high up in the list of things to do and look forward to?

We men, and I'm sorry to generalise, would probably appreciate being understood rather more than it seems at present.

Oddly I notice here that there seems to be a contradiction; people say that they don’t want an intimate encounter, but yet they list themselves as interested in dating and/or marriage.

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