Internet dating movie poster

Perhaps because he's so young, this kid has conviction, though he duly leaves when instructed ("Do your homework," says Dolly has she loads him in a cab).

Sarah's route to her relationship is more roundabout, even though Jake is obviously the right choice.

Sarah wants most to avoid the fate of one of her father's girlfriends, the dazzling Dolly (Stockard Channing).

With Carol's prodding, Sarah enters her data into a dating site.

Though her first "match" is her father ("This is disturbing on so many levels," she groans), she persists, meeting with a number of bad matches (sad guy, cocky guy, preoccupied guy), until she finds Jake (the way-too-smart-for-formula-comedies John Cusack).

He's so obviously Sarah's right choice that the rest of the movie looks like wheel-spinning.

The age displayed for each title is the minimum one for which it's developmentally appropriate.

We recently updated all of our reviews to show only this age, rather than the multi-color "slider." Get more information about our ratings. although in the middle i find it pretty sad when John Cusaks character sees her kissing another guy and everything gets messed up.

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