buy dating profiles - Innerhtml not updating

I could get it working fine in, so it's something related with our environment. I'm trying to use for, well, code highlighting, but the output is a HTML string pushed into inner HTML.

innerhtml not updating-90

, the entire element disappears: https:// I checked it out in Edge on Browser Stack and saw a bunch of CSP-related warnings in console, but not JS errors. It would be be much more efficient (unless you are sending POST parameters, and then you are kind of stuck with JS for it).

It could be some weird implementation of CSP or sandboxing, or something related to slowparse perhaps. Anyways, I'm only really seeing this in the KA environment.

It seemed to take an eternity to load pages, and images would frequently load in the wrong locations on the page.

Similar incompetence on Microsoft's part is probably what's causing the problem.

BTW, if I'm not the only one getting the weird HTML entity glitches, sorry if it makes this hard to read.

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