How updating nvidia graphics

And wait until the next Ubuntu or Mint release, which will probably provide a newer proprietary driver from Nvidia.

But especially gamers won't be satisfied with that, because games definitely need the best available video driver.

how updating nvidia graphics-60

Linux Mint 18 was released yesterday featuring new and improved versions of the Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments, improvements to Hi DPI support, ex FAT filesystem support, improvements to the Update Manager as well as various other fixes and improvements.

Depending on your hardware configuration you may already have all the drivers you need to use your system but if you are the owner of a modern n Vidia Graphics Card then you will need to install the driver provided by n Vidia to make full use of the hardware as the open source driver won’t do much more provide you with a desktop environment.

This is also found in the Administration section of the System Settings.

Once the driver manager is open, you will see an interface that looks like this.

The installation process is straightforward and will take approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the speed of your storage device and your internet connection.

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