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In addition, the prosthetics needed to be created for as many as six different horses, because different horses were trained to do different stunts for the various scenes throughout the film.

While the vet talks on the phone to Annie, Grace's mother, Pilgrim is lying on the ground in the background scared and bloody.

The mechanical horse was covered in real horsehair and certain limbs and body parts were moved mechanically by remote control.

Basically, the human must study and then use the specific body language characteristic to that species to then communicate with the animal in his own language.

Today, there are many trainers who use this new method to train many different species, free of fear tactics.

The head wrangler doubled for the actor when the horse supposedly knocks Tom into the water.

The bed of the pond was cushioned with fatigue mats and sand for good footing.

Pilgrim acts hostile to the attendants at the stables when they attempt to load him into a trailer for transport to Montana. The trainer cued the horse with hand and verbal commands getting the horse to look quickly in one direction and then another to simulate an agitated and aggressive state.

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