Hiking singles dating bay area

SINGLES SUPPER CLUB, LLC/Single Gourmet of the San Francisco Bay Area including Silicon Valley offers cocktail parties, mixers, dinners, dances, cooking classes, and wine tasting for singles of all ages from young professionals to baby boomers and older.

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We are not a singles club; however almost all of our members are single. Some trips tend to attract a younger crowd, while other trips attract an older group.

We’re proud that 30 couples have gotten married after meeting through the Outdoor Adventure Club, but it’s important to know that people come on our trips to enjoy the adventure of the day and make new friends, not to “hook up”. Unless otherwise specified, our trips are open to anyone 21 or older.

Unlike a traditional guide service, we organize dozens of different outdoor adventure events.

One week you may be rock climbing, the next you could be skydiving!

With the Outdoor Adventure Club, you can experience the great outdoors and meet other Bay Area adventurers in a fun club environment.

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