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It's not like online dating, which is kind of like the self-serve matchmaking. It's a company she founded 12 years ago, which matchmakes eligible and high net-worth individuals in Silicon Valley.

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[Angel Donovan]: For matchmaking, just to explain quickly to everyone, how that works. I like to call this a dating and social network because, that's really what it is versus a service per se.

Basically, it's the exact opposite of Tinder, right? [Amy Andersen]: The antithesis, it really actually is. We start with, one of the initial points when I get somebody's inquiry about joining Linx is sending them out some pre-screening questions.

But not being rich is basically an excuse of many guys, and it could potentially be yours.

or via the Internet, go to: and leave your question there. Guys always think that money is a big deal to women; being rich will solve all of your girl problems; it will get you the quality girl you are looking for.

[Angel Donovan]: Amy, thank you so much for coming on the show. [Amy Andersen]: Well, I'm born and raised in San Francisco, California and I grew up in the Bay Area. I went to school down in Los Angeles and then ultimately made the move back up to Northern California. I was initial living in Silicon Valley in the 2000 timeframe and that's really where I came up with the idea for Linx after pure observation in the economy here and the market and kind of the social landscape and was just socializing with a lot of geeky guys.

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