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So even though the relationship was a bit of a disaster, I feel that in some way, I did get something out of it, which was about half the songs on this record.” “They’re not full literal stories, because I find that a bit boring for me personally at this stage, writing something that’s predictable: ‘Oh, well everyone can relate to that.’ I’d rather sort of disguise it in color and shape, and just make it come out a bit more open to interpretation.

", think about it: She's had quite the dating history as well.

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30 pictures inside of Anthony Kiedis and Helena Vestergaard…

53-year old Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis discussed his breakup with 22-year old supermodel Helena Vestergaard in a new interview on BBC Radio.

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At one point, Anthony was seen grabbing Helena‘s chest and she also grabbed ahold of his butt!

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