xp wep validating identity - Hacking garmin map updating

Now, if you want full coverage, the img file is 3.5GB. Maybe, instead of using the SD card, the whole base map could be replaced on the GPS unit… I want to keep it simple though as my wife isnt really gadget literate...

I’m running 64B Win7 and had to install a starter map first. When the Nuvi is connected to the PC, you get the map in Base Camp. Amazingly, there is a super-simple hack that speeds up things considerably. Now, Base Camp should recognize the USB as the Nuvi 265W on the left side pane in the program. An added benefit is that the Nuvi has a limited amount of on-board memory.

You can now install up to two additional supplementary maps.

While I was poking around, I found that there is a new and improved PC-based mapping program from Garmin, Base Map (free). The site, GPSFile Depot, has lots of excellent user-made maps.

I picked up a topography map of the state of Colorado. I’m going to save you the long, sad story on the intermediate steps and get right to it.

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