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CUMULATIVE TICKET: (Anfiteatro Flavio) Colosseo Palatino Foro del Colosseo Built at the site of Nero's lake below his extensive palace the Domus Aurea, and completed by Titus in AD 80, l'Anfiteatro Falvio was the largest arena of the ancient world used by the Romans for gladiatorial combats, and other spectacles until the 6th Gregorio, 30piazza del Colosseo (via Sacra)largo Salara Vecchiaclivo Argentario, 1 (only entrance without ticket-office: to collect free or discounted tickets please choice one of the others in the list)This section of the Roman forum mark the founding of Rome in the 8th century BC, and later housed Augustus Caesar's official government centres.

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piazza dell’Accademia di San Luca, 77Located in the beautiful Palazzo Carpegna, enlarged by Francesco Borromini, it houses a collection of contemporary art, the Historical Archives, the Romana Sarti Library and the Gallery, dedicated to painting.

FREE ADMISSION to one and all for its picturesque views and enchanting atmosphere, also widely portrayed in international literature and painting, the Appia Antica Way is witness to the ages with its illustrious monuments.

via Appia Nuova, 1092The largest villa of Roman suburbs overlooked the countryside with its cryptoporticus, lavatories, and small terraced baths, thereby creating a spectacular scenery that has been partly brought to light today.

This archaeological area is the heart of the ancient city.

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