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Ranked world 9 in 2015, he reached the quater final of the 2016 French open.Born the same day: Ukrainian chess master Andrei Volokitine (18 June 1986, Lviv).Born 1 day after: Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges (19 June 1986, La Havane).

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« Murray a eu un début de saison en dents de scies, avec des moments où il était intouchable en battant tout le monde et d’autres moments où il est jouable.

Si Richard joue au niveau d’hier (dimanche), ça va être un super match », prédit Noah.

He is not the first young man to have done such a thing with a young woman during a social night out." On that basis the tribunal was entitled to halve Gasquet's potential two-year ban but it went further, on the grounds that the Frenchman was only slightly at fault and failed the test having already decided to withdraw from the tournament.

It ruled that while Gasquet's test was officially in competition, this was a technicality as he had made the decision to pull out the day before his first match. Given the circumstances of the case and that Gasquet is evidently not a calculating drugs cheat, the outcome might appear fair, but the ITF are rightly concerned at the possibility of floodgates being opened.

The International Tennis Federation, fearing a dangerous precedent, sought a mandatory two-year ban and may yet appeal, as may the World Anti-Doping Agency. According to the tribunal verdict, they "kissed mouth to mouth about seven times while they were at Set, each kiss lasting about five to 10 seconds".

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