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One of the biggest life lessons that I learned through my adventures with online dating was to always trust my gut; regardless of what my mind tells me.For example, there were a few instances when I was talking to people who I thought seemed like a good match, but instinctively I felt I wasn’t really going to be attracted to in the long time.Remember, I’m not advocating any sort of excessive cockiness or narcissism.

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Personally I’ve tried out online dating for a couple of years now and I’ve had experiences both good and bad.

My most valuable take-away from the entire experience has been the following five life lessons that I would like to share with you. The great thing about online dating is that it lets you approach so many potential love interests in such a short span of time.

For example, one day you could be enjoying a deep and meaningful conversation with a stranger, and the very next day they could go cold on you or stop responding altogether.

What’s even more annoying is that most of the time you won’t even get an explanation of what went wrong.

As frustrating as this can be at first, eventually it teaches you the valuable life lesson of being outcome independent.

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