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" –Jimmy Kimmel"Trump tweeted this morning, ' I will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal, and' — he goes on to another one — 'even those registered to vote who are dead, and many for a long time.'" –Jimmy Kimmel"That's right, dead people voted. In other words, about the same rate as the couples on ' The Bachelor' who get married." –Jimmy Kimmel"It's a tiny percentage, but there will be a major investigation.And I like that he added 'many for a long time,' which makes it seem like if newly dead people vote, you can forgive that." –Jimmy Kimmel"According to a report from the Brennan Center for Justice, the rate of voter fraud, the real rate in U. He must get to the bottom of why he is stuck with this horrible job he didn't want." –Jimmy Kimmel"Today Trump said he believes in torturing prisoners.Sorry.'" –Jimmy Fallon"Today at the Vatican, Arnold Schwarzenegger met Pope Francis and tweeted that he is 'a true leader for the Church.' Then Pope Francis tweeted, ' I couldn't understand a word that guy said.'" –Conan O' Brien"Today, President Trump signed an executive order authorizing the building of the border wall.

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25, 2017"President Trump is still settling into the White House, and I read that Trump's gold curtains in the Oval Office are the same ones Hillary picked out for Bill Clinton in 1993.

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Dating, from first dates to last dates, can be exciting, nerve wracking, funny and just downright hilarious.

Even though the interview hasn't even aired yet, Trump is already claiming it was watched by a billion people." –Jimmy Fallon"President Trump signed executive orders to continue construction on the controversial Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines.

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