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it really helps you to understand stacking penalties on your fitting and make an informed decision on whether to stack up another module of the same type or not – or even if you should train up that skill you have been putting away.This was the main reason I moved out of EFT for so many months now and I ain’t going back :-) – The ability to copy setups from your EVE fitting screen and send them back in is also afaik unique and really usefull – Combined with Prism, you can just copy the fitting off from your assets – even corp hangars, edit them then send them back to the fitting screen inside Ev E (you need to setup your full api key ofc) – The ability to see and setup your cargohold, and it even takes into account any Giant Secure Containers there, pretty sweet to see how much your industrial can really carry in reality – If you have so many setups you can’t recall then instead of going through a long list sorted by ship type or name you can just start typing into that search box there – helps :-) – Right click an empty slot and select “find a module to fit”.

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Nice writeup…though I just thought i’d throw out there that evehq does have a learning skill feature…it’s had it since launch.

At the bottom of every queue there will be a “You can learn this queue faster” (paraphrased, don’t remember exactly what it says anymore…I just click the big blue button) It only shows up if you can make it faster with learning skills, if not…nothings there.

not to mention you got to update multiple characters manualy where in Ev EHQ it’s just a button. NOTE: I consider Prism to be mainly an Asset tool not a Market tool, and in that retrospect I believe you shouldn’t compare it to EMMA or Eve MEEP since they only focus on transactions / wallets and don’t give you real asset management functionality.

– The Asset management combined with the ability to sort out items any way you want, filter them, give them friendly names, assign custom prices and see their prices downloaded from eve-central (I use the min sell or max buy prices from Jita only) is really awesome.

Corp HQ – How many lvl4 missions do I need to run to get my standing to 8.0? Also if you are CEO/Director you can ask the same question but also allow you to nail it down to how should do what mission from your corpmates to get your corp standing to 8.0 In all I believe Ev EHQ is a great tool for anyone to use but in order to really see the difference you need to have multiple characters and/or assets or just be a CEO or Director in a corp.

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