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In Summer 2004, the 24-year-old Mc Cool, participated in the Raw Diva Search contest, becoming one of the finalists, but placed 7th when she was eliminated on August 16; the winner of the contest was Christy Hemme.

On February 9, Mc Cool, Williams, Tailor, Biggers and Marshall participated in a "Bikini Contest", but no winner was declared when Palmer Canon interrupted and said that he did not want bikini contests on his network.

Mc Cool, Tailor and Marshall later accompanied Tommy Dreamer to a match against Palmer Canon, who had Trenesha Biggers and Angel Williams as his managers, but Dreamer lost the match.

And when John Wayne starred as the Hollywood version of a Special Forces commander in Vietnam, he forever established the Green Beret soldier as an American icon.

Epitomizing the modern soldier is Grady Powell, a five-year veteran of the Green Berets.

In October, Mc Cool was legitimately hospitalized for over eight days after suffering a bad reaction to Ibuprofen after a CT scan.

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