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India's Israel Envy: India's Israel envy is reinforced by the Hindu Nationalists over-estimating their country's strength while under-estimating Pakistan's.

It's aided by India's western allies' belief that Pakistan can not fight a conventional war with india and its only option to defend itself would be to quickly escalate the conflict into a full scale nuclear war.

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So le seul moyen d'arréter sa, c'est de changer ton passe et attendre qu'il ait rebooté son ordi ;°) Et j'espère que pour toi après sa, sa va refonctionner.

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The biggest source of discrepancy that GAO found had to do with India including temporary workers' salaries in the United States.

India continuously and cumulatively adds all the earnings of its migrants to US in its software exports.

Mon pote s'est connecté chez moi s'est déco, tout bêtement.

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