Error validating current user and server bro code for dating age

There were no changes to the system or to ORF that day, so I wouldn't think it was anything I could have done, but one never knows.

Has anyone else seen this problem, and if so, how do I correct it?

error validating current user and server-12

If it does not help and you still receive these errors, please delete or rename the file located in the ORF directory (this requires the ORF Service to be stopped first, as it locks the file): ORF will create a new, clean DB file on demand (when the first entry needs to be added to the database).

To avoid such database corruption problems in the future, I strongly recommend switching to an External SQL Database (e.g., by using the free Microsoft SQL Server Express), we have some guides regarding this NOTIFICATION - ORF Enterprise Edition===================================================================The following event has occurred: Server : ces-hq1.

On the Authentication tab set the authentication info (if your server requires authentication)6. I used: LDAP://DC=Cole Engineering, DC=local(which is identical to the when it would error out occassionally.

Finally, save your settings to apply the configuration changes by pressing Ctrl S Ok. Additionally, I'm running SP3 Rollup 5 with Exchange 2007.

It is better to validate user input on Server Side because you can protect against the malicious users, who can easily bypass your Client Side scripting language and submit dangerous input to the server.

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