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One baby died early in the pregnancy and a second died shortly after birth, but the third child, a son, was born healthy. “It was tough, because you’re really struggling, but you also have a child who has a fever,” French says, remembering those early years.

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While Catholic single moms may have the added guilt from their church’s emphasis on the “traditional” nuclear family (and some may face even more serious consequences—see sidebar), they often experience the added benefit of a caring community and a spirituality that carries them through tough times. God is here.’ ” Without her faith, French says, she would have never made it through the past 18 years.

The former hospital vice president thought she had a healthy marriage when she became pregnant with triplets.

“You want to have this family experience, but it’s just you.

Everyone else is busy with their own families.” So French sought out her own support network.

Catholic singles groups were filled with childless singles, including some men who were borderline cruel about French’s divorced status.

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