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Derek developed special sensors that had to be inserted in the skull in order for the robotic limbs to work.Upon Owen's request, Derek sat down with guys from the President's brain mapping initiative as they expressed interest in using his sensors for their project too.

He attempted a lawsuit against the hospital but had no case. Reed Adamson, and 8 other people, including 2 security guards.

Still grieving heavily, he went on a shooting spree at Seattle Grace Mercy West. He also shot Alex Karev, Owen Hunt, and Derek Shepherd, along with four others who were injured, but not killed.

Meredith switched the envelopes to make sure Adele got the active agent and not the placebo and in doing, so she tainted the trial.

Meredith would have been punished for her actions, but Richard stepped in and took the blame, knowing that she only did what she did because she wanted to help Adele.

While Richard was getting treatment for his alcoholism, Derek became Chief of Surgery.

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