Depreciationupdating of values has errors sap

After running RACORR96 in REAL mode ANLB-LGJAN and ANLC-GJAHR show the same fiscal year.

Run RACORR96 in TEST mode for your company code and it should pick up any asset in error.

Go to transaction SE38: - execute"Comparison of ANLB-LGJAN and ANLC-GJAHR" Here you should see the asset number and the company code which will need corrections.

Run the correction report ZZAFANEW2 for the relevant asset and company code to update table COEPBR with the missing entries.

________________ *********************** In the Asset Master (AS02) tab ‘Depreciation Areas’ you notice that no expired useful life is shown although there should be.

The error is often raised when you go into transaction AS91/AS92 but also in transaction AW01N for example.

Last modified 07-Oct-2018 23:01