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With production from Alex Angleflod and Erika herself the album was also recorded at Red Door studio (Abba, Beyonce, Korn).

Also featured on the recording are band members from Europe, Candlemass and In Flames.

This is a special training (for work with the mentally handicapped, the deaf or the blind) in higher institutes that equips trainee teachers with the skills they need to educate students with disabilities.

Речь идет о специальном образовании (работа с лицами, имеющими отклонения в умственном развитии, инвалидами по слуху и зрению) в институтах высшего образования, что позволяет им получать необходимые навыки, чтобы преподавать ученикам с ограниченными возможностями.

During her career Erika has appeared on countless TV shows in Scandinavia and Japan as well as writing for many other well-known artists, one of those being “AOR” (Frederic Slama).

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