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Conclusion If you stray outside of the “awards” area, there’s some definite hotbutton widgets that can be autogenerated and would be incredibly effective.

A site that generated 5000 inbounds has a much higher chance of getting caught than 10 sites that generated 500 inbounds each.

So stick with me through this example (it’s a small scale example, but with a similar process it can get MUCH larger: don’t confine yourself to awards badges/widgets) We create 3 blogs. Every 5 days, these things search Google blog search(automatically) and finds blogs that have to do with football or their respected sport(grab the 5 most recent entries, searches for a list of related terms in each of the 5 to ensure it’s related to the sport), then it autogens an entry with a “blog award” widget that links to a site aside from our award site in the code. The percentages I used are a bit optimistic, but using a fresh trackback IP every 4-5 weeks should make it doable.

That gives us 31.2 sitewide links per article/social submission.

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