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The Mate1 march 2010 review was employee generated! I encontered many problems loading up a photo and sending it to the other person. If you are a guy DO NOT waste your money here, unless you are looking for PPV web cams of course. all men were out of State and 19-46 yrs of age I am in my late 60's . Letters were perfectly spelled and the most beautiful you had ever read. He was pushing to come here and meet me .though in another state. He was going to get Inheritance money from his late parents Estate .

Sometimes it would take 4 times before the photo went thru. this one man wrote to me pix showed very handsome abt 64 , tall very nice , Made over 100 thousand a year. Ladies don't give your phone ,your e-mail address or go on Yahoo or Skype. I live on a fixed income and for him to use the Inheritence monies that are supposedly coming to him today.

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