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He has never had any health issues because of it, and sexually it makes no difference as far as I can tell. My boyfriend is German, apparently in Europe almost no one is circumcised, and most people consider it cruel, barbaric, and traumatizing for a baby. You are right - there are absolutely no benefits to circumcision.

In fact it is very damaging, removing 75% of the nerves of the penis, which results in a significant decrease in sensitivity as the man ages.

And if it's attached to a man you're crazy about (or just wildly attracted to), you're not going to even think about it, much less mind it.

You can then choose the best sites that you like and begin the journey of online dating.

Chances are once he tells you, it won't feel like a discussion topic and the sex won't go from, well, sex to Uncircumcised Sex I Have to Tell Everyone About.

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